In the World’s First Global Connected Packaging Event, you will be able to listen to Technology, Innovation, Packaging and Sustainability experts as they discuss and share insights on how all of these fields are being integrated in order to produce unique and exclusive customer experiences, delivering stunning results to the biggest players in the industry.

Containing the products and preserving its quality were the goals of the first package ever created, around 3,500 years ago in Egypt. Communication came later, in the 1860s, when the Smith Brothers marketed their cough drops in large, branded glass jars for the first time.

150 years later, in a planet dominated by digital technology and overwhelmed with sustainability matters, connected packaging is now the opportunity being realised by brands as the gate to an endless world of opportunities for brands to understand their audiences better. It is being used not only to retain and attract customers, but also to engage and interact directly with them in a practical, fast and environmentally-friendly way. A marketer’s most valuable asset is already in their consumers hands.

Listen to Technology, Innovation, Packaging and Sustainability experts!