The digital and the physical world are getting closer and closer to each other every day. Technology is present in more ways than we can imagine and directly influences our behavior, emotions, tastes, and daily expenses. This is why in the second edition of the Global Connected Packaging Summit our goal will be to show you how the present and near future of packaging can be the first step toward the integration of the offline and digital landscape in an accessible and massive way, allowing brands to understand their audiences better so they can offer more meaningful, unique and exclusive customer experiences.

Understand why Connected Packaging is so fast-growing with over 54% of FMCG CMOs planning a connected experience for 2022-2023. Learn about QR codes, NFC, ad technology, innovation, packaging, marketing, and sustainability from experts from AB InBev, Colgate-Palmolive, Avery Dennison, Garcia Carrion, Greiner Packaging, Transcend Packaging Ltd, and Tetra Park, among others. As they discuss and share insights on how all of these fields are being integrated to produce stunning results for the most prominent players in the industry. Prepare for the future of packaging, branding, and marketing today!